Buy In

Buy in of stakeholders is critical for success.  It will require a combination of skills that include facilitation, negotiation and active listening.  Your relationship with the stakeholders, the trust that exists as you move forward, and your ability to manage ambivalence and resistance are essential “points to remember”.

As part of the change process, certain activities will increase your chances for successful buy-in.  Begin by collecting information from a variety of individuals, teams or groups and their associated networks to understand what they value, need and want.  Explore the feasibility of successful transition to interprofessional initiatives in your agency.  What needs to be developed in order to get there?  

Change Management Strategy

The following documents outline key change management strategies to help you deal with the administrative challenge: Buy In.

Icon Build Contextual Capacity (PDF)

IconIdentify and Recruit Stakeholders (PDF)

IconWork with Networks (PDF)

IconShare Perspectives (PDF)

IconManage Resistance to Change (PDF)

IconBuild Trust (PDF)


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