Assessing Team Dynamics

In looking at all of the components of building interprofessional practice, the first step is to review how your team functions and determine how it organizes work and knowledge.  Basic team skills are essential for the development of cohesive practice between professionals. Start with a review of the stage of development of your team and the team dynamics. This review may have to be done periodically as the team structure changes.  Basic team skills could be the root of problems or the barriers preventing growth.

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Look at How Your Team Functions

IconAt what stage of development is your team? (PDF)


IconHow well does your team function? (PDF)


IconWhat are the factors that influence how your team works? (PDF)


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Look at How Your Team Organizes Work and Knowledge Together

IconWhat type of teamwork does your team do? (PDF)


IconHow cohesive is your team? (PDF)


IconHow collaborative is your team? (PDF)


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Look at how you are Practising Interprofessional Care

IconHow do we really know? (PDF)


IconDoes your team demonstrate interprofessional competencies? (PDF)


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