Determining the Appropriate Care Delivery Model

The type of teamwork is influenced to a large extent by the type of patient care services. Once you have assessed the current level of team functioning, it is important to determine if the way the team functions is meeting health care needs effectively and is capable of responding to future changes.  This section outlines a reflective process based on questioning as administrators and providers review the care delivery model and its appropriateness to the provision of health services. This analysis will work in conjunction with administrative level plans set out by your larger organization.

Needs Assessment

IconHow do you perform a needs assessment? (PDF)


Analyze Needs Assessment Data

IconWhat do you do with the information collected? (PDF)


Determine the Optimal Model of Care Delivery

IconHow do you decide the best way to deliver services? (PDF)


Match of Team Processes to Interprofessional Care Competencies

IconHow do I know if interprofessional care will work? (PDF)


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Key Challenges


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