4.2.3 Organizational Development

ImageBehaviour change is a necessary component of the transition to interprofessional care.  Transforming into interprofessional teams involves change on many different levels, such as how you:

  • think about your work;

  • view your role;

  • spend your time, the activities and tasks that you do;

  • work with your colleagues in your profession and other health providers;
  • work with patients and families;

  • work with administration;

  • work with providers outside your organization;

  • document, report and share responsibility for safe practice;  and

  • work with students.

The crux of many of these changes is behaviour change.  Organizational development is necessary to match what you do every day with the ideals described on this website.  Your interprofessional strategy should include strategies for fostering behavioural change in any new team developments or goals.  The first step of behaviour change is awareness of behaviours.


IconAwareness (PDF)

IconWhat are the elements of a behavioural event? (PDF)

IconDevelop an Action Plan (PDF)

IconMeasuring Org. Development, Behavioural Change and Motivation (PDF)


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