4.3.1 Patient Safety

Patient Safety as Part of an Interprofessional Change Strategy

ImageThe trend within health care is to view patient safety from a systems perspective in which there is a shift from individual error and blame to a shared responsibility of all members of the team and organization.  In fact, communication problems between health providers are commonly the root cause of serious medical errors (The Joint Commission, 2007).  As the collaborative process evolves within the team, an important factor to consider is a team-based approach to ensuring patient safety. These discussions will eventually form the team’s patient safety strategy that directs approaches to future interprofessional team work.  During this process, effort should be directed at analyzing features of the organization and health care system that are relevant to the team’s ability to practice in a way that is both highly effective and safe.


Patient Safety within an Interprofessional Culture

IconIn terms of patient safety, where is the team currently? (PDF)


Patient Safety in Teams

IconPrinciples for Developing a Culture Supportive of Patient Safety. (PDF)

Create a Team-Based Patient Safety Strategy

IconHow does the team develop a patient safety strategy? (PDF)


Root Cause Analysis Framework

IconHow can we determine the root cause of patient safety issues? (PDF)


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